Zombo Gallery Presents Exhibit by Nathan Mazur
"Mini Monsters and Tiny Terrors… a collection of pint-sized paintings"

October 3rd-16th

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All paintings are 2" X 3" acrylic on stretched canvas.

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– Zombo Gallery, Pittsburgh’s home for hip lowbrow art, announces the second solo exhibit by local artist Nathan Mazur; Mini Monsters and Tiny Terrors… a collection of pint-sized paintings, opening October 3rd, 2009.

Mini Monsters and Tiny Terrors is an exhibit of miniature paintings (2” by 3”) of monsters, ghouls, cryptids and other things that go bump in the night. The subjects for the exhibit were collected from myths, legends, folklore, literature, and film. All are rendered in the artist’s seemingly innocent, saccharine-colored, cartoon style.

Nathan Mazur is no stranger to working on a miniature scale. His previous solo show at the Zombo Gallery, “Wee Beasties”, was a collection of 50 tiny paintings of invertebrates, completed in the span of about two weeks. Having a life-long obsession with anything deemed scary or creepy, along with a lot of leftover miniature canvases from his previous show, gave birth to the idea of rendering diminutive monstrous forms in acrylic paint.


Mini Monsters and Tiny Terrors runs from October 3rd through October 16th, 2009 at the Zombo Gallery, located at 4900 Hatfield St. in Lawrenceville. Opening reception is Saturday, October 3rd  at 6pm . Pieces will be available for sale online the following day at www.scaredofbees.com/minimonsters/minimonsters.htm. The gallery hours are Fridays, 5pm-7:30pm. Additional hours by appointment. For more information on Zombo Gallery, please call 412-904-3703.

Nathan Mazur is a cartoonist and animator from western PA. His work has been described as everything from cute and funny, to somewhat unnerving. He is probably best known for his work with musician Parry Gripp, creating animated videos for the web such as “Do You Like Waffles”, “Up Butt Coconut” and “NomNomNomNomNomNomNom”. His clients include American Greetings, Carnegie Mellon University, Disney Television, Neatorama.com as well as many other smaller companies, independent filmmakers, and private commissions. He is a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators and serves on the advisory board for The Toonseum, Pittsburgh’s museum of cartoon art. To find out more about Nathan Mazur’s work, please visit www.scaredofbees.com.



All content copyright © 2009 Nathan Mazur

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